Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets & People

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Diatomaceous Earth has many uses for your pet. By lightly dusting your pets' bedding, DE will absorb oils, dirt, and smells and helps keep kennel areas dry and odor free. Because DE is an excellent source of silica, feeding it daily assists in maintaining your pet's coat, joint and ligament mobility, as well as boost their immune system. As a detox it will help to reduce flatulence and maintain the digestive tract. In litter boxes it absorbs moisture and eliminates odors. Add to your pet's toothpaste for a vigorous tooth polishing. DE never expires if sealed and stored under dry conditions. It is also a safe and effective for flea control. Diatomaceous earth is not toxic and does not cause any residual or lingering issues. Because it is a mechanical killer versus a chemical killer, the fleas will never develop immunity to it. Use as directed for best results.

INGREDIENTS: 100% fresh water Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is unheated amorphous (non-crystaline) silicon dioxide.

Mined, Naturally Milled, and packaged in the USA.

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