Munchie Cat Organic Catnip Variety Set

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  • USA GROWN, 100% ORGANIC: This set includes a variety of three premium catnip products: Catnip buds, silvervine blend, and valerian root blend. 5"x3" resealable food-grade packaging to keep your catnip fresh.
  • CATNIP BUDS: Organic catnip buds, hand harvested at the peak of their essential oil production. Crush a catnip flower between your fingers to release the Nepetalactone your cats enjoy.
  • PREMIUM BLENDS: Organic catnip leaves, flowers and silver vine blend and Valerian Root blends will give your cats a better long lasting experience. Not all cats react to silvervine, valerian or catnip equally so we created this variety set to maximize your cats experience!
  • EFFECTS: Expect a happy, euphoric experience for your favorite furry friend with behaviors like playing, jumping, rolling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out. Safely stimulates cats young and old.
  • KITTY APPROVED: With three different flavors, there’s a high to suit the unique personality and needs of every feline. Cats prefer the finest things in life and we promise to give it to them.
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