Vet Worthy Protective E Collar

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This adjustable, lightweight, flexible E Collar will keep your dog from aggravating a healing wound. With comfort edging, it's a safe way to let an injury have time to properly heal without worrying about licking or biting. The transparent material lets your dog maintain peripheral vision.



  • Small: Neck size (5.75in - 9.95in) Circumference (14.61cm- 24.13cm)
  • Meduim: Neck size (7.25in - 12.25in) Circumference (18.42cm- 31.12cm)


CAUTION: Be sure to carefully monitor your dog for the first several hours of use to ensure they have become used to wearing the protective collar without showing signs of being distraught or agitated. Inspect and clean the protective collar on a daily basis. Discard the protective collar if there is any damage, chipping, cracking or if any part becomes loose or detached.

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