WizSmart Premium Dog Pad Ultra XL

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These X-Large leak proof doggie pads provide a 43% larger surface area for use by larger, incontinent or multiple dogs within the home. The thick lateral barriers and strong sealed edges ensure no leaks. At  23.5” x 31.5” this pad holds up to 10 cups, quickly absorbing urine, trapping and eliminating the unpleasant smell. Great for puppy potty training with a pet-friendly dog attractant that will entice your dog to use it every time. With 4 "Stay Put Tabs" the pad can be secured to the floor for no slipping and can also be secured to a wall at a 90-degree angle to provide a natural male dog peeing stance.

These premium pads are also eco-friendly being repurposed from unused diapers headed to the landfill.

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