Wonder Walker No-Pull Body Halter

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The Wonder Walker No-Pull Body Harness is a great way to train your dog to walk with a loose leash. Its design diminishes common pulling behavior and restricts lunging and jumping while on leash. Make your walks enjoyable for both of you. Comes in 6 sizes.

Tiny - 8-14" Girth 5-10lbs

Toy - 13.5-18" Girth 9-15lbs

X-Small - 17-24" Girth 14-22lbs

Small - 20-28" Girth 21-35lbs

Medium - 25-33" Girth 35-65lbs

Large - 27-36" Girth 60-90lbs

X-Large 31.5-48" Girth 80lbs +

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